Vojtěch Gintner

Creative Fullstack developer
Digital UI/UX designer
HCI researcher

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Gaming Titans
Gaming Titans Game store,
gaming platform
SkyLife Pro
Skylife Pro All in one software for pilots & flight crew
Naviterier Navigation application for blind pedestrains
Classicshoes - shoe eshop
ClassicShoes Home for all classy shoe gentlemen
Rock & Sole Plaice in London
Rock & Sole
Londons oldest fish and chips restaurant
Crysis 3 Game
Crysis 3 Game Crysis 3 fan blog,
discussion board
Penzion u Kapličky
u Kapličky
Guesthouse booking,
bakery website
KeepLaugh Meme sharing portal,
sourcing system

This is me

photo of Vojtěch Gintner sitting on a stone on top of a hill

This is me

50% humanist, 50% mechanist

with over a decade of experience

Degree in:
Software Engineering
Web & Multimedia
Human-Computer Interaction

Researcher @ CTU
Fullstack consultant @ Bepositive
Senior front-end developer @ BKBN

I am a programmer

so I speak fluently a few languages

JavaScript, TypeScript, Java, C/C++, Python, PHP, Bash, Assembler

And also a designer

because nice and usable things are my passion

User Interface, User Experience, User-Centered-Design, Prototyping, Accesibility, 3D Graphics, Motion Design, SVG

Creating websites and apps

you’ll usually see me playing with some of those

React, React-Native, WebGL, THREE.js, SASS, NodeJS, jQuery, Vue.js, Docker, SQL, MongoDB

See my favorite projects

Naviterier - navigation for visually impaired pedestrians Skylife Pro - all in one software for pilots and flight crew GamingTitans - 2013 startup, gaming store and community platform

And many more...

bull wallpaper stag wallpaper panther wallpaper
sunset wallpaper howling wallpaper
Think Big motivational wallpaper Sky is no limit motivational wallpaper
blue devil wallpaper half humanist half mechanist wallpaper
mohawk tribe wallpaper ara parrot wallpaper
Keep on stomping motivational wallpaper Partly filled, not empty motivational wallpaper
Rock&Sole Plaice in London
Classicshoes - shoe eshop Bepositive
Firemni Identita - marketing agency
Intkeys - gaming shop Infeva
Penzion u kapličky - housing website
TADEAS - school homework delivery system
Dan Mazig - portfolio
RychleOddluzeni - financial company SkyLife Pro
Pregnancy screening center
Enterprise Wealth Management

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+420 728 698 347